About Us

About Us

Uzong Films is a production company where story comes first.

We are in the business of storytelling. And with each story we adopt, we strive for an emotional core that resonates universally.

We are connected with some of the best talent London has to offer and we do so with an eye for genre; subverting expectations and steering clear from traditional clichés and out-dated characters. Current stories in development, include teen horror The Last Nosferatu, fashion thriller Sticks and the adaptation of stand-alone novel Fallen Dragon – written by Britain’s best-selling science fiction writer, Peter. F Hamilton.

Alongside our in-house projects, we continue to grow our outstanding reputation as a leading producer for international TV co-production; building on our strong relationships with some of the most respectable TV producers and broadcasters in the game.

Since 2010, we have produced romantic comedy Beauty and Baker, currently playing on Channel 4, starring Jason Lewis (Sex and the City) and Mark Ivanir (Schindler’s List); urban TV drama, The Tower, starring Alexander Vlahos (Merlin and Vercailles) and Osy Ikhile (The Legend of Tarzan); One Square Mile, featuring the voice of Oscar nominee Sir Terence Stamp and Bond regular Colin Salmon; international cooking show, Royal Chef, featuring Master Chef Roux; family sitcom, Imported, starring Moni Moshonov (We Own the Night) and Samantha Fox; and Uzong Film’s horror debut Immure, which has played at a plethora of international film festivals, including official selection at the New York City Horror Film Festival 2016.