Uzong Films is a
production company
where story comes first.


We are in the business of storytelling. And with each story we adopt, we strive for an emotional core that resonates universally. We are connected with some of the best talent London has to offer and we do so with an eye for genre; subverting expectations and steering clear from traditional clichés and out-dated characters.

What We are Developing

The Team



Creative Director / Producer

Conscian has ten years’ experience writing, directing and producing for films, factual entertainment, drama, music promos and commercials. As Creative Director, he oversees the development of all in-house feature film and television formats.

Known on set as: C

Unofficially: Drinks hot water as a beverage

Remi Shaham

Remi Shaham

Managing Director / Producer

Coming from a production management background, Remi started his career in TV before moving into producing. Remi has overseen productions from full-length feature films and television to commercials. He has experienced a multitude of successes and seen many of his projects, from short films to TV series, nominated and win awards – including an “honorable mention” at the 60th Berlin Festival.

Known on set as: The Producer.

Unofficially: Walks around demanding things cost less than they should do.

Kamal Patel

Kamal Patel


Kamal has worked in production for the last 8 years. His first low budget feature was distributed by Troma Entertainment and he previously worked in development at ITA productions. Kamal also oversees the company’s Commercial and corporate activity.

Known on set: K-man

Unofficially: He knows a little something about everything. Apart from manga; he knows way too much about Japanese cartoons.

Zoey Edwards

Zoey Edwards

Production Assistant

Zoey is the latest edition to the Uzong Films team and the world wouldn’t be right without her.

Known on set as: …the other make-up artist.

Unofficially: …

Uzong Productions

Uzong Productions provides media production and marketing services to broadcasters, advertising

companies, music labels, charities and the public sector